As a business user, how confident do you feel when it comes to sharing credentials on your Android-based Samsung smartphone? To provide a sigh of relief to all professionals and assure that their privacy is completely secure lately Samsung introduced a security app called as My KNOX.

It is especially made for working people in companies with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) accounts, enabling them to synchronize e-mails, calendar events and even all their important contacts between PCs and mobile devices. Initiated from Samsung’s very popular KNOX service, this free app is a very simple method to shield your smartphone, without taking the help of IT people. It enables professionals to remotely locate, wipe as well as lock your smartphone by just using my KNOW User Portal.

Within smartphone, My KNOX creates a virtual Android workplace with its own home screen, launcher, apps, and widgets. Thus further offers access to more secure work e-mail and every data and application stored on your mobile.

According to company’s official blog, “My KNOX is a fast and easy way to get access to your work email and key business apps without requiring IT admin support. My KNOX separates your work from your personal life on your device. And if you are looking for a free security solution that ensures your privacy while providing the simplicity of having a secure workspace for email and apps that is managed by you, look no further than My KNOX.”

In addition to this free app, Samsung also announced its new Know services “Knox Premium” and “Knox Express” for IT admins. These services will enable the IT people to easily deploy cross-platform mobile security across the company. Amongst the two, Knox Premium is primarily for large enterprises and will cost $1 per user. On the other hand, Knox Express is for small and medium businesses and is free of cost. However, Cloud support for Knox tools will cost $3.60 per user.

Currently, My KNOX app can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 smartphone without an IT administrator’s involvement.