Samsung is going to expand its grand plans for its display production in year 2011 but now people also have estimation about the production in no. Samsung is going to produce its new display units at around a scale of 30 million. According to the estimation, new Mobile Display fab will be able to churn out the production in a month. The display business’ marketing VP of Samsung, Lee Woo-Jong told that estimated demand for the AMOLED market of Samsung have been revised up to 700 million units in year 2015.

It’s been expected that Samsung is going to expand its production 10 times more than its previous production of display panels and this time Samsung is going to employ its S-AMOLED technology that brings a revolutionary concept in display technology. S-AMOLED display screen are said to create the same effect of vision as the retina of our eyes do. So we can easily judge the quality and performance of this display revolutionary concept. As this screen will produce the same effect as our eye retina will do so the image processing technique used in these display screens should be very advance. With this advancement in display technology Samsung is going to become the brand leader in this sector. Apart from this Samsung has also announced its amount of production. It will be ten times more than before, so we can make sure that there will be no shortage regarding the display panels and everybody can take it to home.

If we talk in figures Samsung announced that it will produce 700 million units of these panels. As compared to the normal panels the S-AMOLED panels going to give a high rise to the Samsung display market. Apart from the quality of picture of display the rendering mechanism is also improved. To handle HQ pictures and video the display resolution and rendering should be fast enough to handle the graphic memory as the memory size of these images and videos will be considerably high. It’s amazing to know that the Retina display is comparable to S-AMOLED in terms of quality. So you can guess the quality of these display units. Samsung’s new display devices are very good to compare in terms of quality and since apple is making their efforts to make their devices thinner with the S-AMOLED displays vs. their current display. Since Samsung is going to launch its new display panels with this technology, the other brands also look a alternative with this technology. Apple is also making efforts to make its devices thinner and sleeker with this technology. So this technology will help great to Samsung as well as the other. Keeping all things in mind we can conclude that with the increase in production and the S-AMOLED technology Samsung is going to make a big lead in the market very soon.