Samsung is reportedly keeping its Europe-bound Omnia 7 smartphone under a tight veil of secrecy until mid-summer this year. The new device has an attractive design with its macho looks. Omnia 7 has a 4-inch super AMOLED display with Tyrian purple aluminum garnishing on the back side. It has dark gray polycarbonate at the top and bottom.

Samsung Omnia has features similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S. It has all the specifications like Super AMOLED screen, a 1GHz chipset (although a Snapdragon instead of Hummingbird), a 1500mAh battery (which lasts for about eight hours for general usage), and a 5 megapixel camera (except for the 720p recording frame rate, which has been lowered from 30fps to 25fps). Even you can easily see the same two capacitive buttons sandwiching a physical home button below the screen. Along with these same features we also observed two main differences i.e. it is metal wrapped and also it has only 8GB of storage capacity unlike Galaxy S.

In Samsung Omnia, the narrowed edges around the screen are comfortable for the fingertips. The other good feature is the polycarbonate volume rocker that is well positioned for both the left and right operations. This device has also some very nice in-built apps like “Now”. It is a combination of a weather tool, news reader, and stock tracker. The application is really good but they can still enhance by adding more news feeds into it. It has static pictures for its weather device and stock chart.

Overall we can say that the Samsung Omnia 7 is a good move from the Korean company and we hope to see more improved features in future.