The market share of Android is growing day by day and you can see new models in every week. There are several features in Android Smartphone which attract consumers, like it can integrate with a number of applications, Android is an open source environment and it offers developer to innovate new functionalities. You can integrate with 70000 applications available for Android and it make it second most used mobile operating system in the world. Main programming language used in the Android is JAVA that makes it more secure and user friendly. As smart phones market is growing up by 64% then it is very obvious to see new technologies and innovation in Android phones. Some mobile companies giants like HTC and Motorola use Android in their Smart phones.

The Japanese electronics company, Sharp unveiled the new Android phone which has a very unique quality Retina display.  Right now it is available only in Japan later they will launch in other part of world. The features of this phone are pretty cool like it has 960×640 resolution on 3.5’’ screen, it is way ahead of Android based phone handset Android 2.0. This one has only 800×480 resolutions. There is 9.6 mega pixel camera, with 3.5’ screen can boost you to create some good images like a professional photographer. It has autofocus option which makes it very good when you take picture on the go. This screen also has super view technology which makes the pictures more clear and you can view pictures at wide angles.

It has so many new features as it lets you make payments in subways and it has a cool integrated one-seg TV tuner. Right now it is the best smart phone available in Japanese market, it is available in three colors. It is already launched in the Japan market with CDMA connectivity and later available in other part of world. The Sharp ISO3 will be powered by Android2.0 and it is already becoming very popular in Japan which makes him a good contender in Smart phone market. As Android phones are growing like never before, we are pretty sure that this new model will affect the smart phone market. The features are way ahead of some handsets available right now and consumers are looking forward to this Sharp ISO3 model with retina display. And it will also increase share in south Asia’s cell phone market.