Sprint has launched the Kyocera Echo, the first smartphone with a dual touch-screen, at an event held in New York. The appearance of Kyocera Echo is excellent. Kyocera Echo will be available in the market at a price of approximately 200 dollars along with a two year warranty period. The Kyocera Echo has WVGA touch screens measuring 3.5 inches and it has a pivot hinge which permits one to fix the two displays forming a greater 4.7” display side by side. The Kyocera was developed in about two years and its hardware took more time to complete.

Actually, there are four modes on which one can utilize the Android 2.2 operating system. In general mode, one may utilize the touch-screen smartphone traditionally. The pivot hinge permits one to put the second display below the first, so that one may operate and navigate the handset very much like many current devices of today. In the meanwhile, tablet mode permits one to interact and view apps in both the screens.

The simultaneous task and optimized modes are a little bit advanced. The former helps the single app and allows one to view the main content in one screen, and complementary features of the app and its functionality on second screen. For instance, if one views e-mail, he/she will obtain a view of the inbox in full in one side of screen, and second one will enable display of the full text for a selected message. Another instance is photo gallery. One can obtain a full view of photo on top of screen and thumbnail photo gallery at the bottom. However, the simultaneous task mode is the place where the true attraction of Echo lies. Using this mode, one will be able to perform multifarious tasks as one gets the opportunity for using two apps simultaneously with each being displayed in one of dual touch screens. There will be only seven major apps that are helping simultaneous task modes such as contacts, browser, messaging, e-mail, phone, gallery, and YouTube app which allows one to watch video on top of the screen and lists relevant clips at the bottom. Each will be denoted with a small box of blue-gray type for indicating simultaneous task support. After selecting one of these apps, one may tap both the screens for selecting the second app for displaying in the other screen.