Microsoft is a software giant and they are famous for Windows operating systems. Now they are moving from computer to phone and plan to launch smart phones.  Microsoft’s smart phone will be powered with Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 is highly popular operating system among computer users and Microsoft is also planning to launch Windows 7 family pack again. There are several operating systems for phones are available but the main players are Apple and Android. Now Microsoft has entered  the big league. Right now they are looking forward and starting with Windows phone 7 OS for smart phones. In near future we hope that they will launch mobile phones also.

According to Steve Ballmer, as per the huge competition in smart phone market Windows Phone 7 OS will be a big rival of Apple and Google’s android operating systems. Windows Phone 7 OS launch was planned before but it was delayed due to some research and development problem. He said that mobile phone market is changing quickly and we have to move forward as per market. He was not clear about the launch of their own smart phones but said that they are working with HTC, LG, Samsung and others. In future we can see smart phones from Microsoft with Windows operating system. When asked about the effect on computer, he said people are decided about use of large or small screen devices, so there is no need to worry about any effect. This launch will going to challenge the android operating system market share for sure. Microsoft is charging a direct license fee for windows phone 7 OS. Microsoft also claims Motorola for violation of the Microsoft patent, he also said about that. They are planning to put hub on front and center, Ballmer said that hubs are really important because people use it to message or to look out contacts.

Windows Phone 7 OS will affect the market share and if it will be reliable it will challenge Android and Apple. Microsoft was once criticized for not developing a good operating system for phones but right now the scene is completely changed and Microsoft is coming back with a bang. As Windows 7 for computer is reliable and attracting consumers all over the world, we can accept same in the case of this new product from them. If you want you can see some videos of this new operating system, just visit the Microsoft home page and watch the videos. Looking at the videos, It seems very impressive and we hope it will make a big impact in the mobile phone’s operating system market.