A smartphone is one of the most popular gadgets these days. While taking notes by hand, you may have to scan the page. If you want, you can also send yourself an e-mail. There are a couple of smartphone applications available to take quick notes. You can check out these applications on your handset.

The first one is the Nebulous Notes. It is a smartphone text editor application. It is very simple and also has an added bonus with the dropbox. It is a very useful application that will make it easier to write notes and also you will have no format issues. You only have to write and click the ‘Upload’ button to upload directly into a folder in the dropbox.

As for example, suppose you made a notes folder for every client, you can easily upload the text file directly into that folder. There is one disadvantage though. It will not allow you to choose a filename. To do so, you have to use the dropbox on your desktop to rename the file.

There is one more disadvantage; it has some security concerns. It cannot connect to any other server other than dropbox and also they are unable to store your passwords on your smartphone. So, be cautious while using it even with the dropbox. Nebulous Notes are currently only available for iPhone, and they have two versions. One is the free version with ads and the other one is paid version for $1.99, which excludes the ads.

The other one is Evernote for all devices. Evernote can sync with all devices, so if you are not an iPhone user and want something more robust, we recommend you the Evernote. Evernote can sync with almost every smartphone platform and it is also free to use. If we talk about the notes, Evernote has an added bonus of syncing all your notes on any device powered with Evernote.

Evernote has many advantages such as if it is present both on phone and computer, the notes will show up on both places. There is a function in which this app lags behind that it will not allow you to directly drop files into specific folders but there is a solution available and you can sync all of your Evernote notes into dropbox. But there is one more disadvantage that it will drop all the notes into one folder and not specify particular folders.