T-Mobile has announced the end of Sidekick service from May 31 onwards. T-Mobile has terminated the service originally known as the Danger Hiptop, this May 31 and the result of it is that the Sidekick devices will lose most of their features.

The operator T-Mobile has announced its intention to terminate the services of the company for cloud Danger Hiptop (which was acquired by Microsoft) by May 31 next, after nearly 10 years in operation. After that date, users will no longer have Sidekick access to the slew of services for social networks and messaging.

T-Mobile will propose plans for migration to other terminals and is now offering users to export their personal data to its online storage service. In order to ensure that the T-mobile Sidekick product users can easily transfer data to the new Sidekick smart mobile devices, the Danger cloud service will offer consumers a web tool to facilitate the T-mobile sidekick users to access their products, contacts, photos, calendars, and other relevant information.

According to the website All Things Digital, there are  number of causes because of that the company planned the end of the service. The company is not very sure about this platform now because of some past experiences.

Actually, there was a crash in 2009 following a maintenance problem. T-Mobile wants to build on the mobile OS from Google and highlight its mobile network HSPA +. Sidekick brand should not disappear but it will pass under the flag Android. If we can understand that the operator seeks to change terminals to exploit the latest technologies.