Google has eventually announced the television that was long in the offing. It is going to be the best piece of technology and artifice in your house. The Senior product manager Rishi Chandra mentioned that on Thursday, any video viewing should be on the best and largest of screens in the house, and that is what is exemplary television viewing .

Google television will come in two forms. It will either be a set top box or one that can be inbuilt into certain televisions. Google TV’s partners are Sony and Logitech. The Google TV OS is based on Android and the browser will be built in version of flash 10.1 plugin. Google also has vision that they are going to open a source code and have a set of APIs so that it can be further developed by developers. The hardware is going to be based on Atom and it will be on the shelves by the fall of 2010.

The experience for the customers will be interactive and this is not a major surprise given the fact that Google has always been user friendly. There will be a home screen and from there on you can start your search. From the first look it looks as though the home screen will have a very boxy like interface.

The other developers should be able to write Android based applications to write on your Google TV. This is again similar to the boxee interface. Other companies like NetFlix and Amazon video have already started developing fresh applications to run from your Google TV home screen.

Rishi also mentioned that Google had decided to expedite the Google TV because television seems to be a very cut off medium from the rest of the world. The world of television has become an entity by itself. The users out here are forced to choose between the two, they are left with a choice of the television or surfing the net.

Google as per its latest technology wants to mix the two and make it a unique experience for the users by turning the television for the first time into an interactive medium with the web. At the first demo it seems like Google TV will open a world full of options for the kind of content that they will get. Any kind of search will result in millions of search results. There will also be recording facilities from the DVR.

Actually, Google TV comes along with a huge TV that is optimized with YouTube interface that is called YouTube Leanback. It is designed so that one can function without getting up from the couch. It is not just designed to be used on Google TV but can also be used from HTPC boxes.

Google making any hardware just like usual and there are third party developers making it. Google is expecting a whole lot of positive things out of this endeavor and is putting a whole lot of effort into it.