With the mobile technology moving at such a fast pace, Windows Phone 7 is a version of Windows mobile operating system which is brought to you by Microsoft. It has various features such as phones, videos, emails, music etc. It allows its users to see the windows Live contacts and calendar. A user can track his phone in case its misused or stolen by someone. It is designed a way that it becomes more user friendly with many more other features.

Existence of Windows Phone 7

In the present scenario where mobile market is growing so fast, many other competitors like Apple and Google have entered the market capturing a big market share and changed the mindsets of the consumers by providing them something in addition to what Microsoft gave in the form of Windows Phone 7, the existence of this phone has been questioned now.

Microsoft has to seriously take some strict actions to feel its presence in market and be a part of it to save its Windows Phone.

Options with Microsoft

Following are some ways that Microsoft can apply in order to save Windows Phone:

  1. A worldwide mobile money and payment system should be started by Microsoft: People are very busy now a days and launching this type of strategy with which a person can make his financial transactions possible through mobile would be an added advantage. Financial transactions include making any payment such as bill payment, insurance payment, EMI payment through mobile, or doing the banking through mobile such as depositing money through it or getting money through it. This way Microsoft should be aware of present requirements of its users and try to give them those features in it.
  2. Microsoft should provide some subsidy on the cost of its certain number of Windows Phone 7: In order to bring the sales numbers to its high and develop the confidence of its user, Microsoft should launch some scheme in which it should give the subsidy on the cost of its handset on a certain number of handsets, say 4 million. It has to take care of its share in the market rather than profit. This strategy would give the manufacturer a reason to make more handsets without thinking about its sale in the market as they will be paid by Microsoft. The subsidy given should also be of large amount for some handsets. All these activities would be promotional one and with this, in the media also, it would get a coverage which will again help it to enhance its sales.
  3. It should also give subsidy on the cost of data for a certain number of purchasers of Windows Phone 7: The data is available in all smart phones but all the users are not able to take its advantage either because it costs high or because it has some limited feature. So in this situation, Microsoft can bring its users the unlimited data plan as a promotional activity for certain number of days or for a fixed number of handsets. This would help boosting its sales.
  4. With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft should release a handset which is branded: Now days, various operating systems are following same strategy like Google selling Nexus One of HTC. For its promotion, Microsoft should also do the same. It should go with the direct selling of branded handsets featuring it with Windows Phone 7.
  5. Microsoft should bring its Windows Phone with a brand again: Microsoft should bring back its brand called “Kin”, a Smartphone which was launched with a good marketing but then came in the news that it would no more be manufactured. So again that should be built as a brand for the Windows Phone 7 consumer mobiles.