Unlike Apples’s iPhone there are many smartphones available in the market which have a touchpad and a physical keyboard both installed. If you posses an iPhone than at times you might crave for the need of physical keyboard if you have to do much of the typing work – writing emails, writing messages, or for staying connected with your friends on any social network. If you have similar craving for presence of a physical keyboard in your iPhone then it should get over, by getting one Tk-421 iPhone case for you. This is a case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS and Yes, it has a physical keyboard in it which will definitely save you a lot of time by helping you writing messaged quickly and effortlessly. This casing encloses the iPhone and has a flap which has the keyboard in it. Support for external keyboard was already there in iPhone and Tk-421 makes use of it by enabling its casing to connect with the iPhone via a Bluetooth connection. Since this keyboard is not an integral part of the iPhone so definitely it needs some other power source than the battery of iPhone itself. Keyboard gets power from a separate flat shaped battery which is enclosed in the casing and it can be charged separately by the USB cable which comes along. As of now this casing would cost around 50 dollars but price will surely go down because other brands will also come up with similar idea and devices. The Tk-421 keyboard equipped case is developed by ThinkGeek Labs and they are already in plan to come up with another advanced version of the same this November.

It wasn’t the case that the users were not satisfied with the input style in iPhone but some of the users really find it difficult in getting used to it. Specially the ones who have switched from other smart phone, to iPhone. Working on a graphical keyboard is also easy and fun but it doesnot deliver a decent typing speed if you have to type long on the keyboard. Moreover since the touch screens are quite sensitive so error percentage is also quite high when you work on a virtual keyboard. On the other hand a physical keyboard gives the same kind of feel as one gets while working on a computer and since pressing a key requires some pressure so there are less chances of any incorrect key getting pressed-thus improving the accuracy of typing. This physical add-on is definitely a great move, because experts believe that now they will also Witness the leaunch of several other physical add-ons for the iPhones. There are some companies which are already busy developing portable gaming consoles for the iPhone. Users would then be able to just connect there iPhone in those consoles and control the game movements by physical controls available in the console.

ThinkLabs has launched two versions of this new casing for iPhone and one is for iPhone 4 and another for iPhone 3GS. Company is not planning to make a large scale production of this casing and will do the same according to the response of limited number which is already in the market. Since this is a first product in its kind so company is also waiting for reviews and feedback so that they can come with a much better product. There are several other similar products released by companies like Nuu Mini, Jiwani, but the only difference is that their products are little bulky and solve only the purpose of keyboard. Also these keyboards are to be connected via dock connecter instead of Bluetooth. On the other hand Tk-421 serves addition purpose of protecting the iPhone as a casing in whole. I don’t think people would prefer carrying an extra docking device to use its keyboard with iPhone and the simple and sleek Tk-421 will surely stand ahead of the other brands.