Samsung EX1 has been specifically designed for professional photographers and enthusiasts. The Samsung EX1’s high level optics user-friendly display enables photographers to capture professional and artistic shots.

1. Optically advanced

The EX1 delivers a wider range of aperture steps through its impressive F1.8 lens — one of the brightest available and shallow depth-of-field,  therefore removing blur from the background and keeping a steady focus on the image. The EX1 is also equipped with a Schneider KREUZNACH lens which offers a 24mm, ultra-wide focal length and 3x optical zoom, therefore enabling you to capture a wide canvas for your photos.

2. Rotating AMOLED

Through a 7.62cm (3) swiveling AMOLED screen, you can easily focus your shots through various menu settings. The TFT-LCD screen captures the true essence of the camera angle. It enables you to get a wider shot through the camera zoom lens.  You can select various menu settings on the AMOLED screen which enables you to navigate through the menu.

3. RAW file support

Sometimes the image quality of a photo all depends upon the file format that it is saved in. Samsung EX1 offers you to save the photo in RAW format which enables greater compression of the photo file. Through a compressed image one can easily edit the images.

4.  Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie)

This feature allows you to take pictures without worrying about the adjustment of the settings of the camera. Depending on the environment that you are in, the Smart Auto 2.0 enables you to adjust the camera lens according to the suitability of the moment.

5.  Smart Range (High Dynamic Range) with DRIMeIII

EX1 enables you to distinguish the darker shades in the photo with the brighter ones through DRIMeIII technology.  Through the image processor one is able to auto adjust the photo in terms of the distinguishing of the colors.