Well when we talk of the mostly downloaded iOS application system then the first name that comes to the mind is that of the Face Book. This is a popular site and is used by most of the people. There are a lot of people who avail the services and there are several aspects that have been taken care of in this regard as per the downloading aspect of the iOS. If Facebook is at the top then it can certainly be said easily about the second placed most downloaded iOS, which is the Pandora. This is very popular among the people too and there are a lot of features and functions that a person can avail and this is also one of the best features that has people and made this popular in the process. If the first 2 position is taken by Facebook and Pandora respectively then we see that the third place, though very surprisingly, belongs to the application from the Google Mobile. This may appear very surprising but the fact of the matter remains that this is indeed very popular and there are also a lot of features that have made it popular among the people. Well this is a feature that has been welcomed by Apple in a rather positive manner and has actually unveiled a page that displays all the total number of downloads of the iTunes. These downloads have been broken into categories and they are paid iPhones apps, free iPhones apps, free iPad apps and paid iPad apps.

It may look a little bizarre when you see that Apple actually rank the apps in order, but even the expert developers have said that this is exactly what the company is doing and here are some of the list of the popular apps that have become a rage among the people. And there are also a lot of opportunities and options available to the people for the purpose of the development of the apps The all time popular apps from the iPad are Doodle Jump, Tap Tap Revenge 3, Pocket God, Angry Birds, Tap Tap Revenge 2.6, Bejeweled 2 + Blitz, Traffic Rush, Tap Tap Revenge Classic, AppBox Pro Alarm, Flight Control, The free iPhone apps are Facebook, Pandora, Google Mobile App, Shazam, Movies by Flixster, The Weather Channel, Google Earth, Bump, Skype, Paper Toss.

The paid iPad apps are SoundHound, StickWars, FlightTrack, Backbreaker Football, Calorie Tracker, BlocksClassic, iFart Mobile, GoodReader for iPad, Cro-Mag Rally, Ambiance. Free iPad apps are Pandora, Google Mobile App, Movies by Flixster, Google Earth, Yelp, Fandango Movies, Remote, iBooks, Bible, Solitaire.