From the early days of the introduction of the iPhone, the Twitter and Facebook apps have been very popular. Although the Facebook following on smartphones has been good, Tweeting has been a more popular term worldwide. We have always heard of celebrities, politicians and sportsmen posting statements on Twitter. Twitter has introduced a variety of apps, including the Tweetsville, Twittervision, Twitfire, etc. Some of these happen to be paid applications, while many of them are free. These apps offer a range of features available in some and not in others. The features include reading of Tweets, managing multiple accounts, deletion, following of new users, search strings, trends, favorites, text updates, posting of links or images, and many such interesting utilities.

Newer apps have more interesting and remarkable functionalities with entertaining animations giving you a much better experience. The TvvitterBug app provides user customizable Tweet views, double tap instant update, built-in photo capabilities, translation support, automatic language detection and display, landscape support for views and keyboard, and many more.

Recently Twitter, introduced a new set of app update for the iPhone and iPad, to make the Tweeting experience really remarkable. The new photo upload option from your existing library or a new photo taken live gets uploaded immediately. The new update also makes the messaging feature more interesting, with their new @ button tap, showing a complete list of the people you follow with an auto comlete feature as also the Hash tag available. A location option, in case you wish to add to your location, is another interesting addition. This location based option expands the functionality further allowing you to see local trends based on the location you are at. The shortening of link feature when you intend to Tweet a link while pasting it into your Tweet box, makes the new screen design clean and simple.

The New Quick Bar addition to the Twitter app update, makes sharing and access anything real cool. The new Trend Bar, allowing you to flip between trend topics, also with the ad box for a paid ad is also interesting. The TweetCaster, the updated Twitter app offers a non-ad paid professional version as well as a free ad supported version. The new YoBongo Chat App, a location based chat client, brings chatting with people close to you, a step closer.