Verizon’s online store pages are the only store to sell its products. As for product promotion and advertisement every manufacturer has its own strategy: Some offer flat discount on their product, others offer free products along with their purchase. These are the common business philosophies and  Samsung is also fascinating its product along with an unusual sweetner, for the online Verizon’s store pages, Samsung is offering one product absolutely free on the purchase of one product. In clear words, if you buy one product you will get another for free. It means you will get two products at the cost of one. It’s not necessary that you have to take the free product along with you, as you’re given the option to get your free product. Well, this time Samsung had this deal with hardware.

So you will get two hardware products on the purchase of one. It’s been heard that Samsung made this deal with its top tier mobile handsets but Samsung made this attractive offer on Verizon online store along with certain conditions that you have to fulfill before you can take the benefit of this offer. As regarding the mobile handset, Samsung has made a deal with a two-year commitment. According to this deal, if you want to get a mobile handset absolutely free on the purchase of one then you have to take a monthly data plan of minimum $29.99 for the next two years. Apart from this the nicest thing about Verizon’s online store is that it offers free Pixi Pluses with the purchase of Palm’s webOS handsets. You should also keep in mind that your initial outlay here is quite lofty about $400 but the two separate $100 mail-in rebates bring its cost down. So it’s absolutely free in pecuniary terms but probably not free from headaches. No wonder people keep spitting out the new phones. You want to buy the latest technology trend in your mobile device but the machine that you want to purchase is going to be obsolete in a spec shit of 2 weeks when they released something better. So, in the market of electronics, whatever you purchase becomes obsolete in a very short span of time and you need better every time. That is the reason behind the success of electronic product sales. Every time a new model of electronic gadget is released, customers get attracted toward it. Apart from it, to increase sales with the release of new product launch, companies make attractive offers along with their products. Samsung is also included in such a race and make a great deal with Verizon’s online store. Surely offering two products on the purchase of one attracts customers a lot.

So, we can say that Samsung is going to take a lead in electronic market with its sharp strategy to facilitate the offer (with unusual sweetner of buy one get one free) through Verizon’s online store pages.