Verizon is a hugely successful telecommunication company. It has managed to gain a lot of respect from users by providing an excellent service for several years. The factor of customer satisfaction is considered as the top most priority by the company. However, there is recent news which has triggered confusion. The company of Verizon has announced that it would shut off social services for remaining Microsoft Kin users. The Microsoft Kin is a model of handset which was introduced by Microsoft. The handset was mainly aimed for excellent social connectivity. However, the news has caused a lot of unrest among Kin users.

The company of Verizon have announced that options like the Kin Studio and other social networking facilities would be stopped. These facilities were reasons for attracting the users to use the connection. However, to balance the equation, the Verizon has also promised the users that they would be able to choose any other listed 3G handset for free. The users can search the Internet for more related articles about the subject. In any case, the basic point is to understand the subject well and to react in the correct way.

The Kin users must ensure that they take the necessary steps before the stipulated time to avoid any unwanted situations. The users would need to shift their pictures from the Kin Studio to their computers before the dead line set by the company of Verizon.