Apple iPod Classic is a portable digital media player, whose latest version offers up to 160 GB of storage space. Till date there are 6 generations of the iPod which have been updated time and again to bring out newer versions. The 6 generations include the spin-off later which was re-integrated into the main iPod classic line. The suffix ‘classic’ was brought about with the 6th generation of the iPod named a classic and was made available in silver and black color much replacing the all white signature color.

The first generation was introduced with a slogan of ‘1000 songs in your pocket’ which made rave reviews and put the iPod on a high frame. It had an LCD display in black and white. It consisted of 5 GB storage space to accommodate 1000 songs. In March of 2002, Apple introduced the 10 GB model of its first generation model.

The second generation was introduced in July 2002 with a cover added to the FireWire port and also the ‘hold’ switch was redesigned. It was made available in 10 GB and 20 GB storage capacities. The first generation iPod was sold at a price of US $ 299.

The third generation of Apple iPod saw the advent of a complete redesign of the previous model making it thinner in size and introduced the docking facility to the FireWire facility. It was available in 15 GB model which was later replaced by 20 GB and then the 30 GB model. A completely non-mechanical facility was included called the ‘Touch Wheel’.

The fourth generation saw the iPod replaced with a click wheel instead of the touch wheel. Introduced in July 2004, this generation of the iPod consisted of 4 buttons below the touch sensitive scroll area. While a dock and carrying case as well as the touch scroll area for the higher end version were significant changes made, the iPod was being made available with 40 GB storage space now.

The fifth generation iPod was introduced soon after the iPod Nano. Consisting of a 2.5” QVGA screen with a smaller click wheel, the iPod also let one play videos on it. This was updated in the Apple iPod in September 2006 which included a brighter screen and capacity to play videos. However, it did not bundle the iTunes application in it and required users to download iTunes from the Apple website.

The 6th generation iPod was introduced in September 2007, with the suffix ‘Classic” attached to it. The color of the iPod was replaced with silver and black combination. It consisted of 14 GB hard disk space. It remains to be seen though many think that the iPod will be updated rather than be discontinued. Maybe Apple does not think it necessary to bring out an update just yet.