Mobile phones have changed a lot with technical innovations emerging every day. Phones are no longer devices to make and receive calls. Phones of the modern age are easily a very good example of the concept of multitasking. There are several applications that are tagged with the phones to make the entire concept of life simpler and easier for the users. However, with the increase in the level of technology, there has been a steady increase in the cyber crime rate. Users need to be very serious and careful about the security of their mobile phones. Lots of private data could be stored in the mobile phones and thus, it is even more important to protect it from unauthorized access.

Users would need to follow several steps to make their Android-based phones risk free.

Steps that the users would need to take are being listed below. Users would need to go through the steps correctly.

Step 1: Users must install a good antivirus program to ensure the safety of the device.

Step 2: Users must keep the recommended settings of the antivirus.

Step 3: Users would need to update the database of the antivirus on a regular basis.

Step 4: Users would need to follow the advice prescribed by the antivirus program. The websites which would appear to be blocked should be avoided.

Most of those websites are phishing sites and are extremely harmful.

Step 5: Users must safe guard the username and pass code of the device.

These steps are extremely easy to follow, but are extremely important to follow for all the users. Users are advised to follow the steps to ensure the required level of safety.