Windows Phone 7 is a mobile device capable of running the latest Windows Mobile platform. This device will be launched in Asia and Europe on October 21, 2010, and in US on November 8th, 2010. With Windows Platform 7, Microsoft is going to offer a new user interface that integrates the operating system with all other services and plans. The actual date of release of Windows Phone 7 is September 1, 2010, but its final SDK will be available till September 16, 2010.

About the Launch:

Deutsche Bank estimates marketing budget for Windows Phone 7 to be around $400. At launch, the Windows Phone 7 is going to support five languages: English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Although, Windows Phone Marketplace will allow selling and buying its applications in 17 countries including: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United States, and United Kingdom.

11 October 2010: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer announced the 10 mobile devices capable of operating Windows Phone 7. The list of devices includes HTC, Samsung, Dell, and LG.

21 October 2010: It is the proposed date of beginning of sales in Europe and Asia

8 November 2010: Proposed date of beginning of sales in the United States.

Now, I am going to discuss all new innovative features available in Windows phone 7

Internet Explorer Mobile Web browser on Windows Phone 7 : The latest Windows Phone 7 features a new version of Internet Explorer Mobile along with a rendering engine that is nearly “halfway between IE7 and IE8.”

The Internet Explorer Web browser on Windows Phone 7 allows user to maintain the list of favorite web pages. It also shows a tile linking on the Start screen. This version of internet explorer browser supports up to 6 tabs and all can be loaded in parallel. Other features of this device includes multi-touch gestures, smooth zoom in/out animations, a streamlined UI, ability to save pictures on web pages, support for inline search, and share web pages via email.


Gaming provide a totally new environment on windows phone 7. Xbox Live changes the picture of gaming on Windows Phone 7 and it will bring Console-like gaming experience to the phones. It display user’s avatar in a 3D fashion and the user is capable to interact with avatar, view leaderboards and gamerscore, message Xbox LIVE friends, and Spotlight. The Multiplayer (turn-based) gaming support with live multiplayer will be released after the launch.

Apart from this, all third-party applications can be updated from Windows Phone Marketplace.

Now, Let us take a look on the Minimal Windows Phone 7 requirements. Following are the minimum specifications needed by Windows Phone 7 device:

1. 4-point capacitive multitouch screen with WVGA resolution.

2. 1 GHz ARM v7 “Cortex/Scorpion” or better processor.

3. DirectX9 rendering-capable GPU.

4. 256MB of RAM with minimum 8GB of Flash memory.

5. Accelerometer with compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and Assisted GPS.

6. 5-megapixel camera along with flash.

7. FM radio tuner.

8. 6 dedicated hardware buttons – Start, back, search, camera, Volume Up and Down and power/sleep.