The Windows Phone 7 update for the Samsung Omnia and Samsung Focus smartphones was launched in January 2011. Certain issues have been reported regarding the new update. Microsoft has advised Samsung phone owners to avoid repeated installation attempts till the next update and patch are ready. Microsoft seems to be working on this issue seriously and trying to resolve the said matter to the fullest extent possible.

Notwithstanding the fact that the new update patch still seems to have a problem with some of the phones, real clarity on what is happening is still not there. Whether it is a Microsoft issue or a Samsung issue, it still needs ratification. In some of the phones, as reported by users, un-installation of some apps and freeing up of memory / disk space in some phones is resolving the issue.

It is going to be quite some time now as also a lot of effort is required from Microsoft to re-instill confidence with various manufacturers using the Windows Phone 7 platform as their base. Considering the very low volumes of Windows Phone 7 products in the market, it is high time for Windows Phone 7 to gain better market share.

Through the years starting from Windows 1.0 through Windows 98 and Windows XP, Windows Vista and even the Windows 7, it is common parlance that an OS is introduced, it faces problems, Microsoft introduces a patch, the patch doesn’t work, a new security patch is introduced, the OS crashes, execute a hard reset, and the Microsoft Windows OS is up and running. Whenever, in the past, problems have recurred, Microsoft has been spontaneous in finding ways by introducing new patches for the system.

It is certain that Microsoft will find ways and means of resolving this Windows Phone 7 snag with the few Samsung phones, still in trouble and amicably reposition itself into the market, on a strong footing once again.