Modern developments in smartphone have created a benchmark in the industry of technology. People are opting smartphones than normal cell phones these days due to numerous features and firmware updates. The change in technology is helping the consumer to get more out of the simple cell phone. Firstly, the software market was limited for computers and now the market has diversified itself and now it is available for smartphones, PDAs etc. Now various renowned software enterprises are in mobile industry to provide better firmware for the smartphones which could provide ease to the consumer in terms of using the device in a better way. Consumer segment is not only waiting for a big change but also the software industry is striving for it.

Recently, Microsoft has announced about a new development in Windows Phone 7 Developer platforms. The payout started in January and Microsoft has an eye on it so to analyze the feedback. There are 9000 applications and 32000 registered developers available in Windows Phone marketplace. Microsoft has introduced a trial version. Windows Phone Developer has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Users prefer trial software because the applications with trial functionality are downloaded 70 times more than a paid application and this results increment in customer to purchase the paid version. Microsoft is providing trial version as it helps to convert the customer from trial version to paid version. Recent statistics show that more than half of the trial version converts to paid version and the remaining converts within a day; this is a remarkable achievement in mobile application industry.

The Global Publisher Program will provide a golden opportunity to the publishers worldwide and this would yield a better result in collaboration with the Microsoft Developers. Publishers from worldwide can submit mobile applications, games, updates etc. to the Windows Phone market place. A new power has been provided that a publisher can submit apps on behalf of the developers with relevant pricing and terms provided by the developer. Microsoft talked about Yalla Apps, which lets the developers from Middle East and Africa submit and publish Windows Phone 7 apps and they are working to provide the same features to other regions to provide same opportunity to the developer around the Globe. Microsoft Global Publisher Program would definitely change the market of the mobile apps, which would enhance the smartphone market and also the dependency of the consumer over the calling device. As per the available reports cell phones are now a part of the life and now it is used more for applications than for calling. The primary requirement of the consumer has now changed.