You may think that this might be a scene from the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report,” but actually xVista has developed a mobile eye scanning device that registers the pattern of your Iris and stores it in a database for future identification.

It has been six years since xVista started developing the iris scanner with the help of University of Sussex at a total cost of £1.8 million. The iris scanner is made from a unique set of algorithms that can be stored on any mobile phone with a camera. Moreover, the iris scanner does not require large a large memory capcity, which enables it to store 250,000 unique user iris scans. As the mobile device just uses the camera to make a quick scan of the iris, it does not use the battery life and therefore is completely compatible with the mobile phone.

As a unique identity scanner, xVista iris scanner offers government agencies, bank institutions and cyber experts to monitor data theft and other security issues. By enabling advanced biometric data imaging of the eye, the xVista provides better chances of uniquely identifying individuals than, finger or facial scans.

The first step to actually augmenting xVista iris scanner, in a technological platform, is to create a unique database based on the iris scan of the population of that area. Once a database is created, the mobile phone can get access to the database through a server and verify the identity of the user.

With only a millisecond to conduct a complete iris scan. xVista provides greater opportunities to enhance cyber protection.