Zynga Unveils New Gaming Titles : Zynga, one of the biggest and most renowned platforms for online gamers, announced a slew of games at its annual event ‘Zynga Unleashed’, held at San Francisco.

Some major titles announced are:

Matching with Friends

Adding another title to its ‘with friends’ franchise, Matching with Friends is a social puzzle game where the prime objective is to match three or more colorful blocks. It is a multiplayer game that enables various players to play against each other.

Zynga Elite Slots

Another game launched by Zynga is Zynga Elite Slots. Unlike other slot games, this game takes players to an epic slot adventure.


A new Ville title by Zynga, ChefVille includes mastering different levels to earn recipes that can be used to prepare real-world meals. In this game players will be able to make their own kitchen and establish a restaurant by mixing various ingredients.
Other few titles that were announced are FarmVille 2, Ruby Blast, and The Ville.