The time that almost all of the game freaks have been waiting has come. Although it was always moved by the Microsoft Company without a specific reason, this coming July 21st, Microsoft would finally launch its Destination Arcade for Xbox Live Video Game Console to aid your way to better gaming experience.

This comes with a great sense of innovative approach with a more specific way of giving the gamers its convenient and most comfortable use.

Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade

This particular technology is a new venture for Microsoft Company on gaming business market. This is the sixth generation of video game console project of the Company. Created November 15, 2001 at the same time its first appearance in North America, this video game technology is a counterpart of the Sony’s play station. As Bill Gates stated, it is essential for multimedia convergence.

It has a center focus of more games, more entertainment and more fun. Because of that, some gamers where having troubles regarding the digital interface on difficulty navigating the stuff.

With this, Microsoft has come to the rescue of creating a tool to aid for the problem on hand – the Destination Arcade.

What is Destination Arcade?

It is a tool use to aid for your Xbox gaming experience. It will help you to navigate games. It is also more like of a recommendation engine in your video game console and at the same time a visual browser application. It is for finding what you have been looking for.

It has also a unique way of browsing experience because of its very stylish, sleek moves and attractive approach with a sense of today’s gamer generation; wherein a great sense of trend is on demand and would earn a great advantage.

It has also an advantage way because of its recommendation features where in you can recommend a certain game to a specific friend or for personal. With this, you can easily choose good games to deal and play with.

The Final Release

July 21st was the final release of the Destination Arcade after so many issues regarding some trial and test; and unspecified further problems. It was said that it will be launched during that day because the Microsoft Company would at the same time open its “Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade Promotion”. This is a great and perfect timing for the said event because this will relate to the theme and at the same time can add for the promotion of the newly discovered application. The Company has found the release of the said application worth for the event coming.

With this on the gaming market; Xbox would now be an easy access for all its users and gamers. It would add more of nostalgia – rich gaming experience. Although, this will not guarantee something about its success from the public spectators to the Company, but it would always mean of something new for the public gamers and something innovative on today’s highly modern world.