For decades now, video games have been a liking for many to keep themselves entertained while indoors. For those who are in love with action packed motion gaming, here is more to come from the software giant, Microsoft. Microsoft presents the new Xbox 360 4GB bundle for all the game enthusiasts.

Microsoft is a big name in gaming industry today. While the earlier versions of Xbox 360 had a tough time with its competitors, the new slimmer version of the same had captured huge audiences. It should be known that the new slimmer version of Microsoft Xbox 360 surpassed the sales of PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii last month. When most of the gaming markets saw a decline, the new Xbox360 offered ample profits to Microsoft in the month of July 2010.

The official price for this action packed adventure of Xbox 360 4GB has been unveiled as $199.99 and Xbox 360 console with the Kinect Holiday Bundle at $299.99. For those who already have an Xbox 360, Microsoft’s KINECT peripheral will be available at $149.99. The all-new way of playing video games with their new spanking Kinetic systems is expected to steal the show from the major competitors of Microsoft.

The completely new Xbox 360 has 4 GB of internal flash memory against the previous version of 250GB of hard disc space. The console comes with a black matte finish and has a built in Wi-Fi. The buttons over the console are touch-sensitive. With built in Wi-Fi, it is much easier to stay connected to the world of entertainment at the Xbox Live. You can now have an easy access to the HD movies and TV streaming. The new sleek design coupled with a quieter processor will attract millions. The new Xbox360 4GB console will be available in US this August. You need have to wait till the end of the year if you plan to buy the KINETIC bundle. The bundle will contain a Xbox 360 4 GB console, Kinetic motion accessories and a pre order to the launch of the bundle can get you a token to download three game levels for Kinect Adventures. The Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinectimals will be available for $49.99 and about 15 Kinect games will be launched along with the Xbox 360 bundle.

So get ready to see your avatar to enter the action gaming arena and doing stuff you do in your real world. Free from the clutches of cables and buttons, the new Xbox 360 bundle with take you in a new era of adventure gaming. For those who are still unaware of the Kinect systems by Microsoft, the Kinect sensors have the capability to pick up the motion from your body. It can respond to your voice and get you multi player experience. The Kinect adventures included with the bundle will take you to 20 different adventures where you can navigate through the roaring rapids and dodge through the obstacles over the mountains. Get set to do all the action yourself rather than just pressing the buttons. Run over the obstacles and kick the evil in reality to see the character doing it in the game on your TV screens. Therefore, here comes the new genre of gaming.