Kinect brings life in extraordinary new ways for games and entertainment. No controller required for that. It is very easy to use and instantly fun. The Kinect sensor put you in the center of fun by using the revolutionary full body tracking. The sensor recognizes your body and mirrors your movement in the game and making you the controller by this amazing technology. So these are the following features of The Kinect sensor. With a single gesture or wave of the hand the Kinect sensor control your Xbox 360. By using your body as the controller you can participate in to the game. With easy and interactive game play, video chat and more you can connect with friends and family. It has revolutionary technology with body recognition. To enhance your entertainment works alongside your Xbox 360 controller.  With every Xbox 360 it is compatible. As a controller you can jump, dodge and kick your way through exciting adventure set in a variety of exotic location by Kinect adventures game.

Analyst report from Lazar Capital Marketing

According to an analyst from Lazard Capital Market Microsoft Kinect may be the most popular add-on for the Xbox 360 console. They also believe that the production of motion sensor is started and later this year there would be enough of them for the launch.

An analyst with Lazar Capital Market named Colin Sebastian said that they believe, Kinect unit should be available on adequate quantities for the November launch and roughly three million units of Kinect will be sold in worldwide in this holiday. They also anticipated that in set- top boxes, living room PCs connected TVs and in other consumer device, the motion sensor will show up. The sales of motion Kinect sensor will be high believes by the analysts, they also think that the $149 price-point is too high for the device and $99 could be the “sweet spot”.  Kinect is projected to the platform to attract the new gamer even being a little overpriced. The analyst is reported to have said that Microsoft is targeting a casual audience so games utilizing the Kinect sensor will initially includes sports, dance, fitness, cart racing etc. additionally many Kinect games $49- below the standard $59 price point for Xbox software pricing by Microsoft. But there are questions regarding to use of motion controls with core titles, so they see for the Xbox Kinect as a likely driver of accelerating unit growth.

It is cruel for game console vendors to interest towards video game by casual audience, considering the fact that sales of games of hardcore gamers are more or less stable. Mr. Sebastian also include that they believe Kinect, along with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld are new potential to catalysts to drive renewed interest in video games.