What comes to your mind when you think about inter-galactic battles? Probably Star Wars or Star Trek, but this time a new space battle is going to keep everyone taking about it. Surprisingly, it is between birds and pigs! Get ready to be amused, as Rovio Entertainment brings the latest version of the most popular game. Yeah! It’s Angry Birds Space.

Rovio Entertainment maintains a good reputation when it comes to applied physics behind the destruction of pig castles. So, for the next space battle, guess whom did it consult? None other than NASA! Flight Engineer Don Petit of NASA gave a demonstration of a catapult in zero gravity using an Angry Bird toy to explain its trajectory, right from the International Space Station.

Angry Birds Space has 60 baffling levels, where you can experiment on the birds’ flight through space. The environments with variable gravity will amuse you when the birds sling through different spatial trajectories. The game will also reveal new characters and superpowers that can wreck havoc on their green archrivals.

Angry Birds Space will be launched on March 22 for all the platforms like iOS and Android, Mac, PC, and even for Angry Birds animation and merchandise. For now, watch the hilarious and yet highly educational video by the witty NASA space engineer, explaining about the new dimension of gravity that you can try on the new game.