Are you crazy about Angry Birds game? No surprises, as the game truly has everything to keep you interested and busy throughout. The game, which has topped all gaming charts in a very short span of time, is now planning to feature on your TV screen. If sources are to be believed, you can expect the Angry Birds cartoon series featuring on your TV screen in August 2012.

Nick Dorra, Rovio animation head, said that they are planning for a weekly animation cartoon series for Angry Birds that will feature 52 to 53 minute episodes. He also provided hints about the Angry Birds movie but clarified that it will not happen in 2013 or 2014.

In addition to the TV screen, the Angry Birds cartoon series will be available for other devices as well that include smartphones, tablets, and more. You can also expect some more birds-related games in the near future.

For now, keep your fingers crossed and wait for the next Angry Birds launch.