Gone are the days when gaming referred to kids playing “Video Games”. Gaming at present is a multibillion dollar industry and has captivated the minds of many. Fully grown adults take pride in being a professional gamer today! Gaming is almost seen as a sport by many and there are regular tournaments that are played online. However, online gaming comes with its share of problems. One of the major problems which are faced by gamers is slow response time. Bigfoot Networks recently announced its Killer 2100 Network Card which promises to face this problem head-on!

In this highly sophisticated virtual world, online gaming has grown to become a high revenue generating business. Gamers usually look for a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience. The Killer 2100 offers exactly same experience as expected by a gamer by optimizing your network connection and giving the highest priority to the task which you want to execute before the other tasks. It works by becoming aware of the games you have chosen and giving these packets of data the highest priority, skipping past the windows local network stack. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Well, it surely is! This helps in eliminating any lag that gamer might experience. Once installed, you can view how the network is being used and tune the bandwidth to change the way your applications access the internet.

The network card offers a “race-inspired outer casing” along with the easy to use network management tools. It comes with a 400 MHz network processor and 128 MB of DDR2 ram along with a single gigabyte network port. It is reasonably priced at $ 129 and is cheaper than most sophisticated upgrades!

Well, one might argue that there are better places to invest rather than purchasing a network card. A point well made! However, Bigfoot argues that online gaming is heavily dependent on the response time. The entire gaming experience is ruined if one has to wait that extra millisecond for the next move! Gaming is no longer in its amateur stage and there is some great work being done in this field. We have reached a stage where a good game is nothing but a run of the mill item as the gamer of today is spoilt for choice. Online gaming is taking the market by storm and Bigfoot’s timing of introducing this product is just right! They have attacked the fundamental problem of a user, who is not being able to plan and use his resources most efficiently!

All said and done, the advantages of network card will only appeal to a very niche audience. Apart from eliminating lag, there is nothing more that this card offers. Most people will find it more practical to invest in something which adds a greater functional value to the system, like upgrading RAM or adding a new graphics card! So, it is really up to the user to decide what will be most beneficial to him. The network card is ideal for a hardcore gamer that is looking for the ultimate gaming experience. The Killer 2100 Network Card does offer that and will surely take online gaming to the next level!