If you were going to play Battlefield 3 with a PC built for another age, you may become disheartened. Indeed, it is via a Twitter message the developer of the game nicely warns that the new engine created for the occasion, Frostbite 2, works only with DirectX 11 and absolutely will not work with Windows XP.

You understood we will have to go to Vista / 7 if you want to frag a few heads. It’s unfortunate, but after all, we must move with the times. But rest assured, according to the gentleman, you’ll have time to upgrade your machines. Either it’s not really good news since it implies that Battlefield 3 does not soon disembark.

In other words, If you intend to play Battlefield 3 on PC, but you have already installed Windows XP, then you do well your consideration as the next installment in the series of first-person shooter will not support this operating system. The word is final (for now), comes as the interior of the same development team DICE. However this is not an official confirmation from DICE that BF3 won’t run on Windows XP.

Johan Andersson on his account Twitter posted the following update: “Frostbite 2 [the game engine, Editor’s note] was developed mainly for DirectX 11. XP and DX 9 _not_ supported a 64-bit is recommended”

Certainly a courageous choice, but considering the time of arrival on the market for Battlefield 3 (talking about the end of 2011 ) will certainly seem less crazy as it could have in the past, especially considering the great success of Windows 7 that has already prompted many to upgrade even before reading this news.Anyway, it’s a fact that if you want to play a Battlefield 3 on PC, you should say goodbye to Windows XP. Otherwise there will be PS3 and X360 versions ready to welcome you.

Electronic Arts has announced that among the games that will on display at the Game Developers Conference 2011 (An event to be held from February 28 to March 4 in San Francisco ) , there will also be the long-awaited third installment of the series of FPS   Battlefield online.  In the event there will  be two different keynote plus a special event dedicated exclusively to Battlefield 3 on March 1, during which there will be a  discussion on the technical development of the mechanics of the game and will be shown the new version of the Frostbite game engine 2.0.

So far there is little information about BF3. The game was formally confirmed as the release of Medal of Honor EA has announced early access to the first Beta. Following three messages on Twitter developer isolates revealed that BF3 will not support the DX9 (not run on Windows XP), which will be released also in sizes console but the PC platform will be the queen – with a special treatment  – and that the output is expected during the second half of 2011