The 2012 Global Game Jam organized by International Game Developers Association, which took place on January 27—29, saw students, programmers, and game designers from different places come together to create a new innovative and creative video game within a given time. Among the group of participants were students and graduates from Bradley University. This group won the competition by working 48 hours straight.

The Game Jam was held at Bradley Caterpillar Global Communications Center. Participants were given 48 hours to create a game from the scratch. The theme of the game was ‘ouroboros’ with the image of a cyclical snake.

“The theme the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) sent was ‘ouroboros,’ which is a cyclical snake, so we got some initial ideas down for the game Friday afternoon. This is the first year Bradley students participated in Global Game Jam, and not all have gone through a game-design experience, so it’s been fun for them putting their skills to use totally out of the classroom,” Monica McGill, a teacher of game-related courses at Bradley University .

Bradley University students gave the name ‘cyclical’ to their new video-game. In the game, players have to start out as a caveman, and get to choose to survive either by farming of hunting. Players have to take the right decision and please the society in order to move to the next time period. But if the society is not happy, he can be driven back to the earliest stage.

The winner of Global Game Jam did not get any cash or prizes. But the participants participate to get recognition and to test their skills.

McGill added, “The gaming industry is so competitive that it’s good to have opportunities like this to work on creating a game. It’s so good they had this experience and it will help later on when they are looking for a job.”