Are you an online games addict? If you are, you are not the only one. Zynga’s latest game for Facebook, CastleVille, has managed to cross 5 million active users in just six days of its release. Comparing it to other releases from the same company, CastleVille is at the top. FrontierVille had only 2.6 million users and CityVille had 3.2 million users in its first six days.

CastleVille has all the best features added from all the other Ville games. The game caters to two of the most innate human needs: Creativity and Expression. The game looks beautiful and clean to the eyes. It gives you the chance to venture into a fantasy world, where you can creatively engage yourself in creating a kingdom of your own and let your imagination fly.

If you are a friendly neighbor, you get the chance to gain points and garner new actions like finding new items or new trading. You get a chance to meet a variety of characters that include beautiful maidens, a pirate, a woodsman, a village Viking and a dragon slayer. With all these characters, you get a chance to explore exquisite locations.

This game is not only about your castle; you can also help your friends build their dream kingdoms and have a happy ending too. An engaging storyline has been weaved with beautiful art and fantastic animation.

With so many amazing features to lure the users and to keep them hooked, it’s no surprise that it has crossed five million active users in just six days.

Here is a look at its characters:

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