There was a time when your sports were limited to the playgrounds and the reading was limited to the books but the mobile devices have changed everything but a little too much. Apple has been the manufacturer that has turned iPhone and iPad to be the gadget that says it all. You have games, you have books, you have your TV, you have everything in your palm or lap. EA Mobile has unrevealed the lineup for 2010. You can have a glimpse of the games coming this season from EA for your iPhone and iPad.

The Sims 3 (Ambitions)

For those to whom life is all about dreams, goals, life aspirations The Sims 3 will be arriving in this summer for your iPhone and iPad. The expansion packs for the game have been released for Mac users so that Apple’s product can access these games with no compatibility issues. The extension packs will certainly give you a wide choice of careers and paths to choose for your Sims. The Sims 3 for iPhone was previously a very small version so even a small change is considerable and welcomed by users.


You can conquer the whole world using your mobile phone only. The monopoly has been a successful game on mobile devices and this is why EA came up with another part of a very popular board game. You have two options while playing risk; either play against AI that is a computer based opponent or you can even play the game against 6 people online on the server. The game keeps all the basic features of the game as well as it gives a colorful interface and has an excellent soundtrack. The best part about the game is that the AI will not act the same like your younger brother does: flip the board upside down when you are winning.


You will ride a spacecraft and there will be endless attack from the enemy. The game has complete features that it originally has in the full version with the same graphics, upgrades, power-ups, levels, bosses as well as difficulty. This might give you the same feel as you used to have while you used to play it in your school days.

Madden NFL 11

Madden has come up with a new version this time that is much improved then the previous ones. EA has certainly taken a lot of time in order to improve the functionality of the game. The 10th version was certainly the best football game on iPhone last year but it has come up with even better developments. You can now have more in game features that will improve the game play on the overall.

Yahtzee for iPad

iPad did not have much games so far so the Yahtzee for iPad will be one of the featured for iPad. the game has been made as to adapt well to the large iPad screen to enhance your game experience. You get the classical features in the electronic mode. Play in the Rainbow Mode, Duplicate Mode or even compete against your friend in the Battle mode.

This is certainly not all that EA has to offer rather just a glimpse of all the possible entries in the summer this year.