If you are a lover of Farmville, then you perhaps might be aware that the ever exciting game keeps releasing new items into play and it is for that reason that I felt I should bring up to speed with the latest happenings over there. Given the fact that new items are popping up every day and the competition hots up for the purchase of the items, the exciting game has truly mastered the art of having fans like me glued to our computers.

Three New Limited Edition Decorations

Top amongst the latest updates from Farmville is the release of the three new Limited Edition New England themed decorations that are both lovely and wonderful to say the least. Of the three, there is the Coastal Beach, Nelly Moser and the Trawler Gnome and all of them can be gotten from the Farmville market. The three will be available in the market for the coming eleven days and if you want a piece of the action, make your purchase soon. However, you can only purchase Coastal Beach and Trawler Gnome using FV Cash whereas the other decoration, Nelly Moser can be purchased using coins. The choice is yours but one thing stands out, the new arrivals are already generating massive attention given the feedback they have gotten from their presence in the market place.

New Themed Buildings

Other than the three decorations, there are as well two new Limited Edition New England Themed buildings that are causing ripples in Farmville. The two new arrivals include the Antique Shop and a Crab Shack, both of which are retailing at reasonable prices in the Farmville market. The two themed buildings can be bought as follows; for the Antique Shop goes for 40 FV Cash whereas the Crab Shack retails at 350,000 coins. I visited the market and the two themed buildings are already selling like hot cakes, with tough buyers going against each other for a piece of the two.

Puffin Amongst Others!

Other updates from Farmville include the recent release of the latest Limited Edition England Themed animal called the Puffin. You can check Puffin out in the Farmville market and buy it for 14 FV Cash. But like the new decorations, Puffin will only be available in the Farmville market for the coming eleven days so you can grab it sooner if you do not want to miss out. In addition to that, Farmville has also introduced its most recent collection that entirely celebrates the New England Coast. Simply visit the Crab Shack I had mentioned earlier, enjoy the Coastal beach or even grow Hollyhocks amongst a host of many other updates. If you are a true Farmville lover, there is reason you should miss out on the release of the latest collection of updates from the New England collection.

Head over to the game and experience the happiness that the new collection promises, I did try some of them out and I must admit I loved them. The Mystery Game has never gotten better and the new updates promise to take it a notch higher.