Since E3, Microsoft has been flaunting its Forza Motorsport power. Forza 4 is scheduled to have a release in fall of 2011. The Top Gear branding promised a good season for motorsport. The press release today does not specifically put up the Kinect game. However, it does realize that the occasion will be big and vivid which excites you more than ever.

With the power of the Kinect, most of the players can come across their image as a TV star and come onto the driver`s seat still keeping their experience behind them as well as the rosters of racings tracks and cars. The Forza 4 will provide fantastic physics and unparalleled customization which will thrill many racing fans offering fantastic game play. Nothing has been mentioned of Kinect-based driving as tried at E3 2010, the game is going to positively include Kinect based exploration mode, where the player can move around car models, read car statistics and sit in the driver`s seat.

It promises to be the most expansive and realistically vivid experience of the automotive kind over any console which brings you closer to edge of your seat. Rewinding the game is a realistic approach to playing the game over and over again. The Kinect control is a video game which lets the racing driver step out of the TV screen into the racing car and race away. Kinect is selling like hotcakes and seems like a good idea to let Kinect controls interact with cars and customization.

Racing contender Forza would get a controller free Kinect help in fashion since the E3. Today it is officially claimed it is a definitive racing game experience of 2011. Forza is all set to be released in the fall of 2011. The Top Gear gaming branding was heavily teased which combines the option to play with Kinect controls promises to deliver an automotive experience like nothing before. The game promises to give a nail biting finish to the players and is sought to be a great success at the E3. More and more people are getting attracted to the previews and to the game. There is a force of attraction building up for the game which is going to burst open when the game is released in the fall this year. The videos are set to hit the stands and stores pretty soon after the release and some before will start selling hot off the stands. It is necessary to preview the car race before to get to see the game.

This year`s E3 saw the new title that features Microsoft`s gaming peripheral of motion control called Kinect which proves to be a definitive racing game in 2011.It will showcase the trailer in this spring in the US.

It will feature olden times` controller gaming and Kinect support, while it is unsure if the whole game will be playable through Kinect or whether the motion support is extended to certain modes.