The world of Gaming and Entertainment is absolutely demanding today. Companies like Microsoft, Sony Entertainment and Nintendo are launching innovative games. They put Gamers and the casual crowd in a tight spot while going for the better option. Sony recently announced the release of Play Station Move and Microsoft’s KINECT for X BOX 360 is slated for release this November. Both the companies offer brilliant technology with appealing set of games to lure hard-core gamers, family, and the teen crowd.  Let’s have an outline of both these games here.

Sony’s PlayStation Move

Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation Move employs Motion controller technology where a hand held controller called as “Wand” that has a colored bulb on its top and the ‘PlayStation Eye Camera’ track the movements of the player and adapt in onto the video game’s character moves on the screen. In addition, there is a sub controller with buttons, which is used to play specific games.  The wand and the sub controller utilize the blue tooth technology to connect to the console. Dual shock controllers are the other set of peripherals that might be sold along with the console. PlayStation Move mainly targets the hard-core gamers by introducing assorted set of sport games, epic battle games etc. There are multi player games to attract family and kids like Move Party, Eye Toy etc.,   ‘Precision’ is the mantra of PlayStation Move and Sony has assured to bring in accurate true-to-life games to entice the Gamers.

Play Station Move’s pricing is $100 per bundle that comprises of an Eye Camera, Controller and a sports game. For folks who already have the camera, Controller is available for $50 and navigation controller for $30. PlayStation will be available for purchase in September this year opening with 15- 20 game titles.

Microsoft’s KINECT for X-BOX 360

Microsoft the technology creator thrilled the audience with the demo of KINECT for X BOX games in the Electronic Equipment Expo (E3) this year in Los Angeles. Unlike its competitors Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft’s KINECT does not require a separate controller to play games. Gamers have to stand in front of the Console’s sensor and play an extensive range of fun games with just their gestures. Therefore, all the users need is a XBOX 360 console and set of games to start with. KINECT’s focuses more on the casual audience like family, kids and the youngsters rather than Hard-core gamers. With KINECT, Microsoft takes a step beyond the usual gaming by offering Video chat with VIDEO KINECT and Voice recognition amenities. Users can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and other services effortlessly by just swiping their hands in front of the sensor.

KINECT for X BOX 360’s pricing is estimated to be around $150. It will be out in the market for sale from November 4, this year and initially about 15 KINECT games will be on sale.

Both the companies, to drive their products in to the public create an extensive marketing hype. However, which will sell more depends radically on the target audience be it the Hard-core gamers or the casual bunch.