New age game freaks are obsessed with all 3D things. The artists being given the freedom to sculpt out everything in 3D, online games have undergone a revolution. Whatever you could do in this real world is now possible even in the virtual world. The Leonar 3D is the latest addition to the genre of 3D online games which is fascinating and helps you liberate your imagination to new heights.

Leonar 3d is the result of hardwork and endless efforts in the part of the master of 3-d art- Daniel Ratai and Zothar karpati . They now boast of having created software that even the 8 years olds could handle at ease. It is priced at $1000, surely worth every penny. Though the price is not something to kid about, but once you purchase a set of this amazing game, you won’t regret it.

Leoner 3d work with all common operating scheme. You would be happy to know that it is compatible with windows XP SPQ, windows vista, and Windows Y. However, Linux and Mac OS applications are expected to be compatiblewith the game mode within a few days.

The included programmes in the art kit support 3D file formats like Sky, Obj and 3Ds. It is compatible with most other 3D design software. The user can happily create fell farm models, 3D drawings, animation and presentations. If you love games there is nothing like the power to be able orient your own games and enjoy them. Once equipped with Leonar 3D, you would feel yourself to be the controller of the space.

This kind of application has long been in the market but Leonar 3D gained importance because till now you could only liberate your imagination within the computer screen. This application facilitates you to sculpt the desired object just the way you want it to be. Till the headgear is on, you will actually find your creations coming out of the monitor and providing you with an opportunity to take a closer look at every detail. The high end mouse is a sculpting tool which aids in fine detailing.

Art is taken to new heights with this invention. Several websites are providing a video of the way of its working. But experts believe that it is not quite possible to make the potential buyers understand its capabilities through a mere video. The goggles are essential for understanding the mechanism.

The most high-end feature that accompanies Leonar3D, is the software development like that comes along with it. It helps in creating new applications and can connect to any software. Thereby you can push the horizon of your creation even further.