If you have been avidly waiting God of War 3 release in your PSP or PSP Go console, without even playing it on the PC or Playstation 3, then your wait has paid off as Sony Santa Monica Studios (GoW3’s developers) have launched the new version of the game on PSP and PSP Go on November 2.


GoW3 has had a huge success on the PC and and Sony Playstation 3 console. This has been particularly due to continuation of a strong story-line coupled with increased battles with the “boss” chatacters like Zeus, Hades and many more. However the most interesting aspect of the game has been the huge improvement  in the graphics and the in-game video which has enhanced the user experience of enjoying the game all together. With the release of GoW3 on November 3 on the PSP and the PSP Go platform  GoW as a franchise has a bolster a lot of user support in continuing with the series in order to make it one of the longest running games ever.

If you have not played the first series of GoW, then it will be certainly advisable that you dig into GoW 1 before you savour the moment of enjoying GoW 2 or 3 on PSP and PSP Go platforms.