God of War 3 launches on PSP and PSP Go

If you have been avidly waiting God of War 3 release in your PSP or PSP Go console, without even playing it on the PC or Playstation 3, then your wait has paid off as Sony Santa Monica Studios (GoW3’s developers) have launched the new version of the game on PSP and PSP Go on November 2.


GoW3 has had a huge success on the PC and and Sony Playstation 3 console. This has been particularly due to continuation of a strong story-line coupled with increased battles with the “boss” chatacters like Zeus, Hades and many more. However the most interesting aspect of the game has been the huge improvement  in the graphics and the in-game video which has enhanced the user experience of enjoying the game all together. With the release of GoW3 on November 3 on the PSP and the PSP Go platform  GoW as a franchise has a bolster a lot of user support in continuing with the series in order to make it one of the longest running games ever.

If you have not played the first series of GoW, then it will be certainly advisable that you dig into GoW 1 before you savour the moment of enjoying GoW 2 or 3 on PSP and PSP Go platforms.


  1. vivek

    gow 3 will really release in psp i dont think so if it will release in psp it will very good b,coz i have alresdy purchase ps2 and psp and i am the ultimate fan of gow series well we will see that and i want to play gow3 very badly and i cant purchase ps3 for gow3 i have to wait for gow3 in psp if release pls inform me that gow3 is releasing on psp and when with date and year

  2. dino

    must be release GOW 3, i played all GOW 1,2. in psp coz the game is really unbeleavable garhic, zooming every thing is awosome n i’m the biggest fan of GOW. i hope it will release GOW 3 in psp as soon as possible. if it release plz send the info. when releasing on psp n do send me the date of game n yr.

  3. Fran

    Please send me a date when gow3 is released on psp as I am addicted to the game. I’ve just started playing gow 1-2 an mastered both in two days so please send me release dates so I can go get it

  4. hi alzzz it`s really fantastic i played gow gohst of sparta and chines olympus where i can download god of war 2 for psp i tryed my best to find it but i couldn`t plz any one give me that link gow 2 for psp

  5. ali

    well god of war is a gooood! game i love that game.but game not meant for kids under 16 it contains adult footage.god of war3 game is realy fun gameihve played that game in PS3 i wish it release in psp alos so plaese ready at dawn plzz!launch in psp and in psp go

  6. nikhil

    Please send me a date when gow3 is released on psp as I am addicted to the game. I’ve just started playing gow 1-2 an mastered both in two days so please send me release dates so I can go get it

  7. Mother Fucker

    you idiot bitch , you know nothing asshole , 2013 is almost over , there are no God of War games available on the platform other than the one on which they were originally intended ! You fucked on first line itself , LOL God of War 3 was never released for PC .

  8. Ann Ruth

    God of War! Yes! That’s the game for me. I have played the earlier versions of the game and I am really impressed with what the GOW 3 has turned into. Really enjoyed! Wanted my younger bro to also have fun here but due to the presence of some adult graphics I am reluctant to let him explore this.

  9. Grace

    I have played the God of War and God of War 2 games. Was really mesmerized when the God of War 3 was announced. Was eagerly waiting for it. When I played the game in PSP I was so much thrilled. It is one of the best games I have ever played.

  10. Scar

    I have been a huge fan of God of Wars game series. After having played the series before, God of War 3 release came up as a real surprise to me. Finally my wait is over! Now, I can enjoy my vacations playing the latest version of my favorite game on PSP.

  11. Andreea Quinn

    For quite some time I have been trying to figure out an ideal birthday gift for my cousin brother. With Game of Wars 3 out in the market, it’s time for me to relax. As it is a perfect birthday gift for my cousin brother because he is a big time gaming geek in our family!

  12. Enter your name...

    Any of you that have played it with the psp pls I need it like mad how and were should I get it pls this is my number add me on whatsapp 08162093510

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