Google is a multinational company with its presence in many Internet based sectors. Google is well known as a search engine giant but apart from this it has strong presence in entertainment with “You Tube”, for catering to the needs of education sector it has “Google Books” and “Google Scholar” and so on. Recently the company has planned to step its feet into the travel industry. They have done this by acquiring Boston based software company ITA. Post this acquisition rumors are ripe that the next hunt of Google is Gaming industry.

Acquisition of ITA

Online flight search is a growing sector. There is a lot scope of improvement in this sector and looking at this potential Google has decided to enter the Travel industry. They recently acquired ITA a Boston based software company having expertise in organizing flight data, flight timings, availability and prices. Google has already thought of unique features like using various different images, newspaper archives, papers, books and geographic data to organize difficult to access information, for users.

Basis of the prediction

Looking at top 20 downstream industries visited by Google in the month of June a trend can be seen. This trend shows that all the other industries visited by Google have been areas in which they have a presence except for in Gaming. Looking at the company’s keen interest in this sector, the analysts are forecasting that this will be the place where Google will enter in near future.

A new feature has been introduced in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been boasting of a new additional feature in its kitty, of an interface enabling the user to play games similar to those available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad products. Chrome OS’s mobile operating system will have the gaming facility built in it. By adding the new orientation support system Chrome will become a Gamers fantasy. This feature will help the user to just tilt the phone which in turn will steer the wheel or a tabletop in a game.

This additional feature appears to be a testing ground activity by the company to check the user’s response. If this version is welcomed by the public with open arms, then may be in future you and I will see Google’s full fledged presence in Gaming industry.

Wait and Watch

At present no one can tell with certainty what is going to be Google’s next move. There are still many questions left to be answered like, if the company plans to venture in this industry? If yes, then how will they do so? Will they make a probable acquisition like ITA, in traveling business? Will the company ever enter the gaming industry as a full fledged provider or it will be a multi-platform thing, working on the Web, on mobile phones and on Google’s newest venture, Google TV?

Until the time an official comment from the company is released we can only presume things. Your guess is as good as mine!!!