Red Dead Redemption follows the Grand Theft Auto game series, which has kept its quality intact through all its four releases. The game goes back in time to the beginning of the 20th century, and places the action in the Western world. Your character is John Marston, a man running with a posse of outlaws until the government of the US sent him out west to take some men and bring them to justice. These men used to be his friends. Then why does he do this? The government holds his family!

Western flavour, interesting missions

In Red Dead Redemption you are riding horses all day long. The perfume of the ancient Western resides in a handful of characters and places. You will meet a snake-oil salesman or a man attached to the dead as colourful characters. Rock star is simply ahead of the game when talking about writing and voice acting. Conversations explain these characters or simply make you laugh. There are situations you can simply jump or watch, but your reputation is somehow hard to get and simple to lose. Also, remember that a misplaced shot in a battle can turn a good guy into your greatest enemy.

Horses are main characters

Rockstar has motion capture sessions for the horses, as they claim. The horses are important characters in the game. When tapping the A button the horse will sprint, but it has a finite amount of energy and can throw you off, if you push it too far. If you stay with the same horse for a longer time, keeping it safe and travelling with it, you will earn a loyalty bonus and also extra energy.

A horse can die. You can fall down, or it can be shot or spooked. Riding the horse is totally different than driving cars. Sometimes its movements are slightly delayed and you feel like something working with you, it is not like a brainless engine. You cannot know, however, which horses may be stronger than others, all you know are the buying prices and also the star rating you find in the general store. Consequently, you may not know if you are riding the best one in your environment.

Online with your friends

You can be part of a posse of friends to explore the world, shoot at other groups or join them. It is a new experience compared to the game played off-line.

In the main game you can play Poker, Liar’s Dice and the game of horseshoes, arm-wrestle others, or participate in the rhythm game involving your splayed hand and a knife. However, none of these are present in the on-line mode.

Instead of conclusion

One can say that Red Dead Redemption is full of missions where the player has to ride, kill some dudes, and ride again elsewhere! It is true, but Rockstar has made riding horses so appealing and has filled the journey with a handful of opportunities, so that you really enjoy every mission. The characters are so true that you can spend hours in a gaming session.

Whether you want to go hunting to become a master hunter, or save a young girl in distress, you have the choice. This wonderful video game in classic Western style will certainly capture your attention and you will enjoy every second you spend playing.