Epic Games are going to use dedicated servers from now for Gears of War 3. People are talking about the trials that are at the root of the problem that is going to have an impact on Gears of War 2s multiplayer.

The latest development in the gaming industry is the use of dedicated servers. These dedicated servers are from Modern Warfare 2 and Rage that has become the topics of controversy during last year. John Carmack, the gaming legend is not the one to be found supporting dedicated servers. Gears of War 3, one of the most important console death match titles around, is nonetheless going to add these dedicated servers.

This is certainly an irony as the gaming legend; John Carmack is distancing himself from it and on the other hand you have Gears of War 3 all ready to incorporate it in its most important console death match titles. Gamers all over the world were certainly not expecting this and are waiting to watch the interesting event to unfold. This step will solve few problems faced by gamers. There is no doubt that the use of dedicated servers is going to make the mark of top quality gaming console titles. Gamers are excited about the best in class quality but are worried about the price.

CVG claimed that Gears of War developer, Epic Games is likely to make this move to dedicated servers at the time of the next installment series. The UK gaming site has observed that Epic Games need to do this in order to control online problems. These online problems have become a major concern and have brought on sluggish match making and a lag in the game. This is not the kind of gaming experience that customers want.

Therefore, one is not sure about it being just a rumor. But, before that you need to wait for the company to confirm the news. The positive angle to this is that when it actually turns out to be true then it is certainly going to be a time of celebration for the gaming community. Think of the way the gaming experience would be then?

The PC FPS titles will go on to be associated with match making and the major shooter will make the change over to dedicated servers. That would certainly be unlike anything that we are used to right now. There has already been trials run to check the program. This has been done with the intent of getting to the root of the problem. Therefore, all that gamers will have to wait and watch for what the company finally decides rather than getting excited about this rumor.