StarCraft2 comes as the long awaited sequel to the epic StarCraft that was launched more than a decade ago. Just like its predecessor, it’s a real-time strategy game and Blizzard had earlier on announced its release set for July 27th 2010.

New Capabilities

However, unlike the original StarCraft, the new StarCraft2 was released as a trilogy. Even though it will retain some units from the original game, StarCraft2 has some of the units have been given new capabilities with others being completely removed while others have been replaced. For instance, as you play, you will notice that the conquest of the protoss homeworld means that you can longer create dragoons while the remaining dragoons have been given new weaponry and thoroughly redesigned. However, the new shield and weaponry can with stand heavy amour and is aptly named “immortals.” Even so, the new game’s multiplayer mode will be available to players for free and what this games all the more fan is the fact that, with StarCraft2, you will not need an internet connection to be able to play the game.

Retailing Digitally

All you will need your internet connection for is to enable you install it into your PC because the game will be availed via digital distribution. Blizzard said it plans to keep its support StarCraft2 however for years to come just like it did with the StarCraft patches that it has constantly updates for the last twelve years since the release of the game. But even so, as a continuation of the real time strategy genre, StarCraft2 and its parent StarCraft truly live up to their reputations despite the few limitations in terms of graphics. The new game endures just like its parent did, however, let’s look at more comparisons and similarities.

Keeping Fans Around

One thing rings clear in mind as I ponder the future of StarCraft2 in terms of doing what the original StarCraft has done in the more than ten years it has been around. Obviously, StarCraft2 has some work cut out for it if it has to maintain the good work began by its predecessor in terms of following and functionality. With its release in a Sequel, StarCraft2 has some job to do before I can be absolutely convinced of what it can achieve. First of all, I felt like in terms of graphics, I would have been fine if the first one had just had its graphics beefed up. The second release, StarCraft2 has some graphics limitations even though it still remains a great game. The new units, the replacements, the additions amongst a host of other things all distinguish it from its predecessor, StarCraft.

Blizzard did change so many features and brought in new and cool stuff that the original game didn’t have and the added capabilities are refreshing. For instance, Terran Wraiths have been removed and if you were a lover of the Terran air-to-air units, well they cannot cloak anymore.