I do not know about you but I had an amazing experience playing rising force online. CNet review of the game seemed not to agree with me that the game is awesome and it explained that the storyline of the missions and quests was not all that compelling. I especially had an amazing time playing the two player game where one battles against another person. I simply could not get enough of the game. However, I faced one major problem with the game and it’s that it could not be installed on my PC. Thus I constantly had to be at my neighbors to play the game till I was able to learn how to make it work on windows vista. If you are facing similar problems you should not worry and just follow the following steps and you will have rising force working on your windows vista.

Uninstall Rising Force Online

This is done by selecting the uninstall program in the control panel. You will then find a list of programs and select RF online then click on it. The purpose of doing this is to be able to get another more compatible version of the game.  The files for the game have been designed to work on windows vista.

Open RF online Download Page

Once on this page you should look for RF online Ep2 set up exe. You should then click on it. Clicking on it starts up the downloading of the installation file. The file should not give you any problems of compatibility. Then double click on this file. Double clicking will immediately start he installation process. You should not worry about not being able to install the game as the installation procedure is automatic. The only thing that you should do is to follow the instructions that appear on your screen to the letter so as to avoid any problems.

Open the Game

When you open the game there are a series of events that will occur. The first one is that there will be the loading of ‘game client’. It will be checking for any recent updates of the game. This action is so as to always keep you updated on any developments of the game. However, in this situation it is highly unlikely that it will find any updates of the games since you have just downloaded it recently. You will be having the most recent version on your PC. Once the update has been completed you can then start enjoying the game. The game should not give you any problems from now.

The trick to getting to install the game without any complications is to follow the instructions to the letter. You should also follow them in the order that I have given them to you. You can then start enjoying the game on your windows vista PC. The trips to a neighbor to play the game will then reduce. It will then be my joy if you are able to rate the various aspects of the game and see if you agree with me and CNet about the game.