Do not be surprised if you can run Windows Vista on your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). PSPWXP is a flash program that magically enables you to run Windows Vista on your PSP. However, it is not the original operating system. Sony PSP is the portable play station console, where you can play games, watch movies, go online; with Windows Vista running on the PSP as a flash program making the whole experience of Windows Vista even more better.

Difference between Windows Vista on your computer and PSPWXP

Windows Vista is the normal operating system running on your computer with multiple features and capabilities; whereas PSPWXP is a flash program that creates a whole new Genuine User Interface (GUI) that resembles Windows Vista while running on the Sony PSP. PSPWXP create a whole PSP compatible desktop that resembles the desktop on your Windows Vista running computer. You can see the Start menu, load games like 5 Card Stud, 8 Queens, Battleships, Blackjack, Box-In Breakout, Checkers, Connect 4, Demolition, Draw Poker, face, Hangman, Guess Country, Memory, Mind Reader, Minesweeper, Pegs, Pong, Reflex Test, Rock paper Scissors, Switch Off, Tic Tac Toe, Tower f Hanoi, Yahtzee, Squares, etcetera. The PSPWXP also allows PSP’s to run and load applications like browser info, calculator, calendar, conversation, detailed country info, day born, distance calculator, file viewer, pop up menus and list menus, periodic table, access internet through browsers, and many others including text editor.

Installing the Windows Vista to a PSP

You need to first of all run the Windows Vista installation disc on your computer. Ensure you close the auto run that will start as soon as the DVD is inserted. Once the auto run is stopped, access he DVD files by clicking on My Computer and then double clicking the Windows Vista Installation DVD. Insert a blank universal media disc into the your computers reader/ writer slot. Transfer the files from Windows Vista Installation disc to the Universal media disc. Once copied run the universal media disc on the PSP; once the files are fully copied boot the Sony PSP and follow the installation that will be prompted on the PSP.  Also at this time you will be prompted for the product key, which you will find along with the original Windows Vista Installation Disc.

Alternative method

If you do not have an Windows Vista installation disk you can easily download the Windows Vista PSPWXP 3.8 online. Once you have downloaded, connect the PSP using USB port to your computer and transfer the unzipped file to the memory stick of the PSP. Ensure the browser cache on the PSP is disabled and type in file:/pspwxp/inder.htm in the browser address window, after you have rebooted the PSP. Once this is down you will be able to ensure the Windows Vista effect on you PSP.

It is totally cool to have the Windows Vista like desktop running on your PSP, which almost makes it not just like a miniature computer but also makes the full use of the Sony portable consoles to it full potential use.