Insomniac Games is one of the companies best known for its line of games which are meant for Playstation consoles exclusively. They have worked with the likes of Sony Entertainment for the development of franchises such as Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. The CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, recently announced that they have got into a publishing deal with EA Partners and are looking towards developing a new multi platform franchise.

The deal will see the launch of a new game by Insomniac, the details of which are yet to unfold, and will feature on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. According to Mr Price, the reason they got into the deal with EAP is that they would be free to “retain the creative control of the intellectual property” and retain the IP ownership, much like the newly formed Respawn Entertainment. Mr Price also signaled the slowing down of the development cycle of Insomniac. It must be noticed here that Insomniac has been releasing at least one new game every year since the first game of Ratchet & Clank came into the market in 2002.

Considering that Insomniac has been quite successful, the announcement made by Mr Price surprised the analysts even more. The CEO further explained that the decision to launch a game with their own ownership rights has come from an understanding that they need to focus more on quality and developmental skills of the game, with freedom to change the concept on a creative line. For the past 16 years, the company has been developing games on an annual scale. However, the company has realized that it is time to expend more time in development of the game in order to maintain high standards. He further explained that slowing down the pace of development will only benefit the users of the games – the fans and the community.

To clear matters further, the company very clearly states that it will continue with its relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment. Despite ongoing work on the new game and the deal with EAP, Insomniac will continue to enhance the games within the foray of Sony Entertainment, while developing additional games exclusively for PlayStation 3. However, the development time will be enhanced, thus benefiting both the game as well as the users.

Insomniac has always been a pioneer in the gaming industry for PlayStations ever since the launch of its first Spyro the Dragon up until Ratchet & Clank’s “A Crack in Time”. With the kind of success Insomniac games have seen in the past, it is quite surprising that the company has ventured into the private ownership deal. The gaming community is awaiting the launch of this new game with much anticipation. Meanwhile, details of the launch of this new game are expected to come in at E3 next month. However, considering the success rate of Insomniac, the wait for the launch of its new game will surely prove to be quite fruitful for the fans. At this point, avid gamers need to be slightly more patient!