Gaming industry is growing with all new improved and innovative technologies. Online gaming is also getting extremely popular among masses. With Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PSP, we have already seen how competitive this market is. CES 2011 has shown so many innovation and some of them were for innovative networking technology also. Recently at the CES 2011, at the Intel Pavilion there was on particular kiosk saying:”Laptop gaming with 4G”.

Intel has been reported using a Sandy Bridge-based Toshiba Satellite laptop that how using 2G with quad-cores/Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 in conjunction with the embedded Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 successfully executed the on-line multiplayer game called NFS(Need For Speed) with smooth 3D rendering and got no jitters. Clearwire at the CES 2011 installed an indoor WiMAX network for broadband connectivity via Toshiba’s embedded Intel 6250 PCI Express Mini card. Intel like its other chipsets and processors made history once again with launch of the Sandy Bridge Processor family.

There are some amazing features in this processor family, below we describe the features.

It has several features and the first is the single monolithic design that includes the processor graphics core alongside two, one is four cores and up to 8 MB shared L3 cache on a new ring bus, It is shared with the integrated graphics core. And the second one with L3 running at full core-clock speed.

The sandy bridge processor is connected to the peripheral control hub (PCH) via a single 20Gb/s direct media interface connection. The other features includes, AES-NI instructions- it provides the encryption/decryption acceleration and also it add Intel’s Advanced Vector Extensions(AVX). This will improve its floating-point performance for media-rich applications.

This processor is also has GPU-accelerated encoding , it makes On-line games like NFS(Need for speed) possible for mainstream gamers and also for  extreme gamers. It has also the Turbo Boost 2.0 with all the cores being pushed that makes a single threaded games like Need For Speed performance possible. There are some more games that can be played with 4G like ”Marvel Super Hero Squad Online” for the first time using a sandy bridged-based Lenovo T420 thinkpad laptop. It is also embedded with  Sierra Wireless LTE PCI Express Mini Card that is connected to the commercial Las Vegas Verizon LTE network. At CES 2011, it was a rare occasion because Intel was launching a historical laptop i.e. an Intel-Inside laptop with LTE 4G internet connectivity.

With the technology is going to the next level, this new innovation by Intel can be a breaking point and also it is first time in the history. You will be able to enjoy high-ends game online with 4G connectivity on your Intel-inside laptop. Online gaming is a new craze among youths and they will surely going to love this new and improved technology.