Machinima, an entertainment network, which streams videos for video gamers, is now considered the most watched channel on YouTube. According to reports, Machinima has already posted more than 160 million videos on its YouTube channel and it has attracted around 125 million viewers.

According to Machinima, “Machinima is the next generation video entertainment network for video gamers, providing comprehensive gaming-focused editorial and community programming to the hard-to-reach core 18 – 34 year old male demographic. Across our global network, over 116 million unique gamers viewed in excess of 1.11 billion videos in November 2011, making us the number one all-time Entertainment Channel on YouTube.”

Machinima lures those groups, which spend more time online and watch less TV. The name Machinima is derived from a film-making technology, wherein 3D effects are used on video games. You can watch gaming news, trailers, and original news on the Machinima YouTube Channel. The company hires young programmers who produce their own original animated video games and are paid according to the number of visits.

Machinima has produced many original programs such as Bite Me. This zombie outbreak game is said to have generated more than 3-4 million viewers. According to reports, Curt Marvis, president of Digital Media at Lionsgate ,was impressed by the popularity of the channel and he started promoting movies such as The Expendables on the second series of Bite Me.

Machinima nine series fighting game – Mortal Kombat: Legacy was a great success to the company. According to estimation, this series grabbed the attention of 50 million viewers and is said to be the “most successful web series ever.” Now, the company has plans to extend to other platforms like Facebook, tablets, and smartphones.

In the words of MediaLink Chairman and CEO Michael Kassan “Machinima may be that success story that people point to … the first company to break through (on YouTube) to the next level.”

Visit Machinima YouTube Channel here.