The 3D display technology and Xbox 360 Avatar Kinect feature that will be launched by Microsoft are being talked by the people a lot and there is a lot of anticipation regarding them. In the modern times, the need for the latest technology is important and hence you have to understand that people have to embrace the latest gadgets in order to stay ahead of the rest of the people.

Microsoft has actually taken up the wraps off NUI, that is, the natural user interface, which is one of the research projects that is currently underway. The new feature has been made public. Microsoft released an online video showing the 3D features and also some new and improved technology that will be employed so that people can get benefits.

The face mapping technology will soon be introduced in the market. It will soon be used in Xbox 360 and also the Avatar Kinect feature. The video captures 2D high definition (HD) video and also makes sure that it is able to be mapped in the 3D facial mesh model. The end of the camera feature can actually display all the movements of the body and other facial expressions for the same that will come on display mode on a 3D format.