Well it is now official that Microsoft is preparing official Kinect drivers and also SDK for the Window based desktops. The Kinect device is used with Xbox 360 gaming console without the need for a controller. In a press release, Microsoft confirmed that they sold 8 million Kinect sensors in a matter of 60 days only. The success story of Kinect has been phenomenal and people have recognized the various advantages that this product can serve to the people. The previous best was 5 million units which got broken last year when Microsoft sold some 8 million units of the products to retailers all over the world.

There have been attempts by hackers to use other software in the controller less Xbox 360 device. According to Microsoft officials, the USB connection on Kinect was left open actually by design. Recent news from the cyber world certainly tells us that there is a conscious effort on part of Microsoft to bring out a driver for Kinect and SDK. The company will distribute the drivers under the beta tags. In order to do so, Microsoft is trying to get support from other companies as well like that of XNA Game Studio tools.