Microsoft has finally made the Avatar Kinect live available to Xbox users. The company is offering Avatar Kinect free to Xbox 360 users with $150 Kinect motion camera accessory. Avatar Kinect was first revealed at CES in January by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer. The software is known to capture facial movements exactly and apply them to the user’s Avatar (virtual representation) on the screen. In simple words, if the user raises his eyebrows or head, the same motions will be captured by the camera and applied to the onscreen virtual representation of the user. The Avatar Kinect software offered to Xbox users comes bundled with technology that functions as a casual chat room where eight people can interact with each other in 24 virtual scenes. Microsoft CEO, Steve Blamer while responding to queries about Avatar Kinect had said that the Kinect sensor will also map facial expressions, eye-brow raising and mouth movement along with body movements. The technology will allow the user to hang out with his friend’s avatar in virtual space in different sets until the user remains connected to Xbox Live.

Microsoft’s new chat tool is a new addition to company’s small list of mini applications which is part of its Kinect Fun Labs. The company also plans to add a new app named “Kinect Sparkler” to its apps collection. Kinect Sparkler tracks the movement of hands and uses light to write on 3D virtual canvas. The company will offer this app to users for $3. Microsoft will be offering the Avatar Kinect feature free to all Xbox live members as a part of its launch strategy. The free offer is only available till September 8. After that Avatar Kinect will be only available to Xbox Live Gold members who are ready to pay for the feature.

Avatar Kinect offers the users with tools for conferencing in a virtual chat room. The biggest advantage of Avatar Kinect in terms of conferencing is it does not consume huge bandwidth. In real conferencing, a great deal of audio and video data is transferred between nodes of conferencing. Avatar cuts down the requirement of transferring video data and only audio data is transferred between conferencing nodes.

Kinect owners were also eagerly waiting for launch of Avatar Kinect live to Xbox users. The launch gives them full control over the Avatar. Now the smiling, nodding and speaking will all be duplicated by your Avatar on screen. With Avatar Kinect, you and your seven friends’ avatar can communicate and compete with each other in virtual world. Talk show stage and Performance stage are part of the new offering. Users will be able to record their performances and upload them to Once uploaded on the website, they can also share the performances on YouTube and Facebook.